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New Horizons

Good day, everyone!  I hope you are all excellent.  Actually, I know you are excellent and I wish you a day of realizing your excellence. Just as I wrote that salutation to you, I paused for a moment wondering whether it is really necessary to greet someone reading a blog.  Most of you I think […]

Peru Vacation — Part 2, Cusco

Well, after five days making friends in Lima, I set off by myself to Cusco.  To be honest, while I was in Lima making the plans for the rest of my trip I very nearly just decided to buy an earlier ticket home to Quito; not because I didn’t like Peru, but just because I […]

Peru Vacation — Part 1, Lima

Hello!  It’s been so long again, I know.  I don’t have any excellent excuses either.  I said in my last post that I was going to write about latin style romance, but that will have to be put on hold because I just got back from a trip to Peru.  This trip has a little […]

Parents come to Ecuador!

Hello!  A los años! (long time no see!).  I hope you all are well and have not forgotten me.  I know you haven’t because I’ve seen in my site stats that people are visiting, probably checking in wondering why I have not written in so long.  So here I am, writing to you… finally. Well, […]

Vacation from my life-vacation #3 — Bogotá

Just as I was tiring of sweating all the time in Cartagena, the hour came for me to fly to Bogotá.  I arrived about 2 in the afternoon and got ripped off by a taxi taking me to my hostel.  He took a detour because there had allegedly been protests in the city earlier that […]

Taking a vacation from my life-vacation #2 — Cartagena

First things first.  I want to revise that theory I proposed in the last blog about why Latin Americans are always late.  Actually, it wasn’t my theory, so it’s not my responsibility to revise, but I have a different theory to posit.  Another friend of mine who studied abroad in Africa pointed out the same […]

Taking a vacation from my life-vacation #1 — Medellin

Well, I have crossed another important threshold in my adjusting-to-life-abroad process, which was going on vacation and coming back home to Quito.  I spent nine days in three Colombian cities – Medellin, Cartagena, and Bogotá – for my vacation.  I have a lot to write so I’m going to do one blog for each city. […]