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A Curriculum for Your Spiritual Education

A couple of weeks ago, a project my mother shared with me prompted me to consider more carefully the┬áresources that we have available to facilitate the deepening and expansion of our understanding of God, and how to apply that understanding in our Christian life. The focus of her project is the Christian Science Bible Lesson […]

A right fit for everyone

Last year, I was preparing for the end of a lease and looking for a new place to live. I had begun my search about two and a half months in advance, and early on in that process seemed to have secured a new living space. However, due to some miscommunications with the landlord, that […]

Naked Practice

Is your spiritual practice naked? I don’t mean literally naked. I’m talking about stripping off the layers of culture that accumulate on religion and spirituality over time through the communities of people practicing them, their shared language and behavior, and through the institutions supporting them. There’s nothing inherently wrong with culture; it’s a natural feature […]