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A right fit for everyone

Last year, I was preparing for the end of a lease and looking for a new place to live. I had begun my search about two and a half months in advance, and early on in that process seemed to have secured a new living space. However, due to some miscommunications with the landlord, that […]

To Pray Without Ceasing

Visitors to my family’s home might observe an odd pattern that occurs while watching television — muting during commercials. The show stops, the advertisement starts, the sound goes off. They might guess that perhaps it was to reduce unnecessary noise, or thereby facilitate conversation. These are reasonable hypotheses, but the true answer is about monitoring […]

Back pain disappears

About a year ago, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop catching up on correspondence after a trip. Out of the blue, the muscles in my lower back began to cramp, causing quite a lot of discomfort. In my efforts to find a comfortable position, I eventually ended up on my belly on […]