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Parents come to Ecuador!

Hello!  A los años! (long time no see!).  I hope you all are well and have not forgotten me.  I know you haven’t because I’ve seen in my site stats that people are visiting, probably checking in wondering why I have not written in so long.  So here I am, writing to you… finally. Well, […]

Christmas is Coming!

In less than 48 hours I will be at home in Colorado for Christmas.  I am so excited!! This week was the last of classes.  My students mostly did well on their final exams.  The ones that should have passed did, and the ones that shouldn’t have didn’t.  That’s how it should be.  Being a […]

Thanksgiving in Ecuador

Happy December.  I am coming back to the US for Christmas in less than 3 weeks! Well, it’s been longer than I promised in my last post, as usual.  Last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Here, Thanksgiving day was just another work day, so no one did much of anything special.  In my classes, I asked […]

Lessons in entrepreneurship and baking abroad

I’m official now.  I have a real, live (not) Ecuadorian ID card.  You’ll all be relieved to know that government offices here are just as cumbersome and inefficient as they are in the United States. Last Wednesday, I went to the Immigration office to get my ID (this makes me official and enables me to not […]

Down time and birthdays

Forgive the delay in my writing.  Turns out teaching and blogging are both more work than I bargained for.  I’ve been very busy the last two weeks. This installment I don’t have a treatise on some aspect of Ecuadorian culture; instead I present a few simple highlights from the last two weeks in my life.  […]

Independence Day with an Ecuadorian Family

Well, I’m about to start my second week of classes.  And I’ll begin that week here by giving gratitude for teaching materials that are comprehensive and easy to follow, and for the patience of my students and supervisors.  I teach two two-hour classes five days a week, and three one-hour conversation groups three days a […]

#2 La Llegada — I’m here

So, I’m here in Quito.  Today was my frirst day of volunteering and spanish classes.  I arrived Wednesday night after a more-eventful-than-usual-for-me travel day.  My flight out of Denver was delayed by two hours because the crew arrived very late the night before.  So, they had to bump me onto a later flight out of […]