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Perspectives on Education

My year in Ecuador has come to a close, but deserves a few final observations.  As a teacher for a large public university, the education system was a frequent topic of discussion.  An early observation of mine was that there are a whole lot of engineers in Ecuador.  In one sense, this came as no […]

Ecuador Lovin’ — Part 2

Welcome back to Ecuador Lovin’, Part 2.  We left off last time with talk about pet names in the context of relationships. There is one important name that I forgot to mention, which is an especially versatile one – mijo(a) (remember that the Spanish ‘j’ is pronounced like the English ‘h’, and the Spanish ‘h’ […]

Etiquette, Education, and a beach vacation

Hello!  It’s been too long.  You read that my Halloween baking experiment was an exciting success.  And before that, the last I wrote about was Colombia, and that was back in mid-October.  Shucks.  I’m way behind. Well, we started a new cycle of classes on October 18 and we have 17 days of class left […]