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#11 Saying Goodbye to Ecuador

Halooooo!  I’m back in the US!!!  Whoa! My flight arrived last night in Washington, DC.  I’m here for a Rotaract conference and visiting family until Tuesday.  I’ll back track to my return to Quito and then get to some more reflection and observation. We returned to Quito last Thursday after out rainforest tour.  It was […]

#10 Being a Tourist

I almost got hit by a motorcyle this morning!  No fault of mine, he ran into the side walk I was stading on, and no one was hurt.  Are you hooked?  I hope so, keep reading. Being a tourist again has been interesting.  It’s nicer here than in other places I’ve traveled though.  Here everyone […]

#9 Cuenca

Travel Friend and I are in Cuenca now.  We will leave tomorrow morning for Baños.  These four days have been lovely.  Last you heard I was impatiently awaiting her arrival in Latacunga.  She showed up around 7pm on Sunday night and we were both overjoyed to be seeing each other again.  It has been about […]

#8 Two Weeks To Go

I’m back in Latacunga now.  I arrived this morning at approximately 8:30 am on a bus from Malingua Pamba.  In my last email, I think I conveyed quite a bit of frustration about Malingua Pamba and the people and my work there.  The second week was definitely better, although I didn’t accomplish what I thought […]

#7 Malingua Pamba

I’m in Malingua Pamba now.  Actually, I’m writing from Latacunga, but I’ve been in MP since Monday.  My trip there went perfectly.  More so that I even imagined. The bus trip from Quito was super easy.  Then I stayed over night in Latacunga at a hostel with some amazing Dutch apple tort, which I am […]

#6 Goodbye Quito. Hello Malingua Pamba

This one is pretty long, so read it in pieces if you have to.  I put the highlight of my trip so far at the bottom, so you have to get through it. I leave Quito tomorrow!  Last I told you, I was leaving Tuesday, but I decided to extent my stay through the end […]

#5 Last Week in Quito

My time in Quito is winding down.  I will most likely depart for my next destination next Tuesday.  I can’t believe it will have been three weeks.  It feels so short.  I’m not sure I’m ready to move on just yet, but the next step is the reason I came to Ecuador in the first […]

#4 Volcanoes and Tongue Twisters

Many of you may have heard on the news today about the eruption of the Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador.  I am fine, it happend a few hours south east of Quito.  We haven’t even seen ash here, although flights from Quito to Baños and Cuenca have been postponed.  I plan to go to Cuenca in […]

#3 One Week

Today was the first day of week two here for me.  It has been so wonderful so far.  I feel like it has been way more than six days, but I’m still learning new things everyday.  I’m finally starting to understand the bus system.  Here there are buses that run basically everywhere, for $0.25/ride.  There […]

#2 La Llegada — I’m here

So, I’m here in Quito.  Today was my frirst day of volunteering and spanish classes.  I arrived Wednesday night after a more-eventful-than-usual-for-me travel day.  My flight out of Denver was delayed by two hours because the crew arrived very late the night before.  So, they had to bump me onto a later flight out of […]