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Naked Practice

Is your spiritual practice naked? I don’t mean literally naked. I’m talking about stripping off the layers of culture that accumulate on religion and spirituality over time through the communities of people practicing them, their shared language and behavior, and through the institutions supporting them. There’s nothing inherently wrong with culture; it’s a natural feature […]

New Horizons

Good day, everyone!  I hope you are all excellent.  Actually, I know you are excellent and I wish you a day of realizing your excellence. Just as I wrote that salutation to you, I paused for a moment wondering whether it is really necessary to greet someone reading a blog.  Most of you I think […]

Introspection and Retrospection

This is probably going to be my final official post about Ecuador.  I’ll begin with some lists that encapsulate my feelings and reflections about returning to the U.S. Things I’m happy to have again… microwave – nothing like being able to thaw butter at the touch of a button car Colorado/American landscapes cheese the possibility […]

Perspectives on Education

My year in Ecuador has come to a close, but deserves a few final observations.  As a teacher for a large public university, the education system was a frequent topic of discussion.  An early observation of mine was that there are a whole lot of engineers in Ecuador.  In one sense, this came as no […]

Ecuador Lovin’ — Part 2

Welcome back to Ecuador Lovin’, Part 2.  We left off last time with talk about pet names in the context of relationships. There is one important name that I forgot to mention, which is an especially versatile one – mijo(a) (remember that the Spanish ‘j’ is pronounced like the English ‘h’, and the Spanish ‘h’ […]

Ecuador Lovin’ — Part 1

So, here I finally present to you my long-promised blog on love and relationships in Ecuador.  My intention in this blog is not to tell you all about my own experience.  They are not so numerous, nor am I public enough a person to publish them on the internet.  However, my experiences combined with those […]

Christmas is Coming!

In less than 48 hours I will be at home in Colorado for Christmas.  I am so excited!! This week was the last of classes.  My students mostly did well on their final exams.  The ones that should have passed did, and the ones that shouldn’t have didn’t.  That’s how it should be.  Being a […]

Thanksgiving in Ecuador

Happy December.  I am coming back to the US for Christmas in less than 3 weeks! Well, it’s been longer than I promised in my last post, as usual.  Last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Here, Thanksgiving day was just another work day, so no one did much of anything special.  In my classes, I asked […]

Etiquette, Education, and a beach vacation

Hello!  It’s been too long.  You read that my Halloween baking experiment was an exciting success.  And before that, the last I wrote about was Colombia, and that was back in mid-October.  Shucks.  I’m way behind. Well, we started a new cycle of classes on October 18 and we have 17 days of class left […]

Lessons in entrepreneurship and baking abroad

I’m official now.  I have a real, live (not) Ecuadorian ID card.  You’ll all be relieved to know that government offices here are just as cumbersome and inefficient as they are in the United States. Last Wednesday, I went to the Immigration office to get my ID (this makes me official and enables me to not […]