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Love is local and global

Christian Science Sentinel, “Young Voices Blog.” April 24,2013 Every travel guide on the market includes two sections, regardless of the destination: guidelines about staying healthy, and about staying safe. The idea is that anywhere you go, you’re going to encounter threats to your health and safety, ranging from digestive problems and petty theft to malaria […]

Vacation from my life-vacation #3 — Bogotá

Just as I was tiring of sweating all the time in Cartagena, the hour came for me to fly to Bogotá.  I arrived about 2 in the afternoon and got ripped off by a taxi taking me to my hostel.  He took a detour because there had allegedly been protests in the city earlier that […]

Taking a vacation from my life-vacation #2 — Cartagena

First things first.  I want to revise that theory I proposed in the last blog about why Latin Americans are always late.  Actually, it wasn’t my theory, so it’s not my responsibility to revise, but I have a different theory to posit.  Another friend of mine who studied abroad in Africa pointed out the same […]

Taking a vacation from my life-vacation #1 — Medellin

Well, I have crossed another important threshold in my adjusting-to-life-abroad process, which was going on vacation and coming back home to Quito.  I spent nine days in three Colombian cities – Medellin, Cartagena, and Bogotá – for my vacation.  I have a lot to write so I’m going to do one blog for each city. […]