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Etiquette, Education, and a beach vacation

Hello!  It’s been too long.  You read that my Halloween baking experiment was an exciting success.  And before that, the last I wrote about was Colombia, and that was back in mid-October.  Shucks.  I’m way behind. Well, we started a new cycle of classes on October 18 and we have 17 days of class left […]

Cobbler and Civil Disobedience

Hello!  I apologize again for the even longer delay between posts this time.  Life here is busy and exciting. So, what has been going on since the last time I wrote?  Of course, I’ve been teaching, but also dancing and baking and other cool things. But, before I start talking about myself, a little bit […]

Lessons in entrepreneurship and baking abroad

I’m official now.  I have a real, live (not) Ecuadorian ID card.  You’ll all be relieved to know that government offices here are just as cumbersome and inefficient as they are in the United States. Last Wednesday, I went to the Immigration office to get my ID (this makes me official and enables me to not […]

Down time and birthdays

Forgive the delay in my writing.  Turns out teaching and blogging are both more work than I bargained for.  I’ve been very busy the last two weeks. This installment I don’t have a treatise on some aspect of Ecuadorian culture; instead I present a few simple highlights from the last two weeks in my life.  […]

#3 One Week

Today was the first day of week two here for me.  It has been so wonderful so far.  I feel like it has been way more than six days, but I’m still learning new things everyday.  I’m finally starting to understand the bus system.  Here there are buses that run basically everywhere, for $0.25/ride.  There […]