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Isn’t Christian Science an Oxymoron?

This is a question I come across a lot, from new students of Christian Science and total strangers to it. The dominant narrative in popular discourse today is of irreconcilable differences in perspective, method and understanding between religion and science. So how is it that Christian Science stands there in the middle with one foot […]

A Curriculum for Your Spiritual Education

A couple of weeks ago, a project my mother shared with me prompted me to consider more carefully the resources that we have available to facilitate the deepening and expansion of our understanding of God, and how to apply that understanding in our Christian life. The focus of her project is the Christian Science Bible Lesson […]

Naked Practice

Is your spiritual practice naked? I don’t mean literally naked. I’m talking about stripping off the layers of culture that accumulate on religion and spirituality over time through the communities of people practicing them, their shared language and behavior, and through the institutions supporting them. There’s nothing inherently wrong with culture; it’s a natural feature […]

The Fundamentals of Morality

Principia Pilot, April 16, 2010 I want to share some perspective I’ve gained on the purpose of this institution since leaving Principia, perspective on the cause it serves and what my experience has meant to me. I graduated from Principia College in June 2009.  I think my friends and mentors there would support me in […]