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The case for American greatness: Patriotism versus Nationalism

Happy end of election season, everyone!  I hope you all got out to vote and participate in one of the world’s greatest democracies.  Yesterday, I was out at a polling station at 7am to distribute information about Maryland’s Question B, not because I care, but because someone was paying me to do it.  That said, […]

The Internal Clash of Civilizations

Good afternoon.  All the best to each of you.  I hope everything is going well. As I explained in my last post, I am in Washington, DC now enjoying lots of relaxation and time with friends and family while I look for work.  More on the job search in a later post. Today I want […]

New Horizons

Good day, everyone!  I hope you are all excellent.  Actually, I know you are excellent and I wish you a day of realizing your excellence. Just as I wrote that salutation to you, I paused for a moment wondering whether it is really necessary to greet someone reading a blog.  Most of you I think […]