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Introspection and Retrospection

This is probably going to be my final official post about Ecuador.  I’ll begin with some lists that encapsulate my feelings and reflections about returning to the U.S. Things I’m happy to have again… microwave – nothing like being able to thaw butter at the touch of a button car Colorado/American landscapes cheese the possibility […]

Vacation to Real Home

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season, full of time spent with family and friends.  I certainly did.  As I wrote in the last post, I went home to the United States for two weeks to visit family and friends in Denver, CO and Washington, DC. I arrived in Denver […]

Taking a vacation from my life-vacation #1 — Medellin

Well, I have crossed another important threshold in my adjusting-to-life-abroad process, which was going on vacation and coming back home to Quito.  I spent nine days in three Colombian cities – Medellin, Cartagena, and Bogotá – for my vacation.  I have a lot to write so I’m going to do one blog for each city. […]

Making the first move…

I’m writing to you from the Miami International Airport as I commence what I hope will be a reflective, and productive four and a half hour layover.  I have a few things on my mind today to kick off my adventure, and your vicarious ride-along: tips for engaging with a new environment. An expat friend […]