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youarelovedThank you for visiting this site. If you’d like to speak with me or to learn more about healing and spirituality, please leave your contact information and a brief message in the form below, and I’ll be in touch with you soon.  You can also email me directly at ra.hanson.cs(at)gmail(dot)com, or find me on Google Hangouts or Google+ with the same address.



The services I offer include: Christian Science treatment, and consultations.

Christian Science treatment: $75/day; $30/day for extended cases.

With Christian Science treatment, I work specifically with the patient to foster a growing trust in the ever-present, omnipotent care of divine Love, and to uncover and eliminate mental sources of dis-ease. Prayer treatment begins from the premise that each individual is a perfect, whole, and spiritual expression of divine Life, and from there acts to eradicate impositions of imperfection and to restore that innate perfection. Every treatment is specific and inspired for the unique need of each patient — there are no formulas or rituals involved. I have found that Christian Science treatment heals anything and everything from depression to tooth decay, as well as other life problems like depression, and lack of purpose or resources. Being healed spiritually is an enjoyable, illuminating experience, though it often requires giving up old habits, and a willingness to yield ego and allow for transformation and renewal.

Consultation: Initial consultation is free of charge

Consultation is a helpful option for anyone who wants to learn more about Christian Science, or dive deeper in their spiritual study.  This is a great opportunity to hear and share spiritual inspiration, without the service of specific Christian Science Treatment. Consultation is general prayer while Treatment is specific Truth applied to one person’s request for help.  This type of general prayer is the best option for those utilizing other treatment methods — medical, alternative, etc… –, or who are interested in continuing to learn spiritually and in feeling the healing presence of God.