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Spiritual building blocks

I remember reading a few months ago about a conversation that is supposed to have occurred between a westerner of Christian upbringing and a Taoist priest in which the westerner inquired as to how he might become a better follower of the Tao. The priest’s response to him was to return to his roots and […]

Isn’t Christian Science an Oxymoron?

This is a question I come across a lot, from new students of Christian Science and total strangers to it. The dominant narrative in popular discourse today is of irreconcilable differences in perspective, method and understanding between religion and science. So how is it that Christian Science stands there in the middle with one foot […]

A Curriculum for Your Spiritual Education

A couple of weeks ago, a project my mother shared with me prompted me to consider more carefully the resources that we have available to facilitate the deepening and expansion of our understanding of God, and how to apply that understanding in our Christian life. The focus of her project is the Christian Science Bible Lesson […]

“I’ll pray for you”

“I’ll pray for you.” “You’ll be in my prayers.” “Sending prayers and good thoughts.” These are phrases that get a lot of use in Christian circles and also get thrown around a lot, perhaps without the proper reverence for the responsibility entailed and the impact that prayer can have. Sometime ago, I came across this […]

Feature: Alex Cook, “You Are Loved”

This blog is primarily about spirituality and prayer, but I want to diverge slightly from the norm this week and share with you the inspiring work of a friend of mine, Alex Cook, from Boston, Massachusetts. Cook is a musician and artist who has lately been specializing in public art and murals. To date, he […]

To Pray Without Ceasing

Visitors to my family’s home might observe an odd pattern that occurs while watching television — muting during commercials. The show stops, the advertisement starts, the sound goes off. They might guess that perhaps it was to reduce unnecessary noise, or thereby facilitate conversation. These are reasonable hypotheses, but the true answer is about monitoring […]

Naked Practice

Is your spiritual practice naked? I don’t mean literally naked. I’m talking about stripping off the layers of culture that accumulate on religion and spirituality over time through the communities of people practicing them, their shared language and behavior, and through the institutions supporting them. There’s nothing inherently wrong with culture; it’s a natural feature […]

Eradicate Sin, Disease, and Death: Mission Impossible?

I was sitting in traffic on the beltway the other day listening as Diane Rehm spoke with David Rubenstein about philanthropy in a rebroadcast of the show on NPR. Among other things, he shared insights about how he decides where to invest his money and what causes are most deserving. Like many philanthropers, he has chosen […]

Blog Renovation

Hello, friends! It’s been an awfully long time since I last wrote!  Life has changed a lot since Nov. 2012 when I last posted with reflections about my year in Ecuador and subsequent return to life in the U.S. I am now located in the Washington, DC metro area and I’m preparing for another transition. […]

New Horizons

Good day, everyone!  I hope you are all excellent.  Actually, I know you are excellent and I wish you a day of realizing your excellence. Just as I wrote that salutation to you, I paused for a moment wondering whether it is really necessary to greet someone reading a blog.  Most of you I think […]