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Love is local and global

Christian Science Sentinel, “Young Voices Blog.” April 24,2013 Every travel guide on the market includes two sections, regardless of the destination: guidelines about staying healthy, and about staying safe. The idea is that anywhere you go, you’re going to encounter threats to your health and safety, ranging from digestive problems and petty theft to malaria […]

The case for American greatness: Patriotism versus Nationalism

Happy end of election season, everyone!  I hope you all got out to vote and participate in one of the world’s greatest democracies.  Yesterday, I was out at a polling station at 7am to distribute information about Maryland’s Question B, not because I care, but because someone was paying me to do it.  That said, […]

The Internal Clash of Civilizations

Good afternoon.  All the best to each of you.  I hope everything is going well. As I explained in my last post, I am in Washington, DC now enjoying lots of relaxation and time with friends and family while I look for work.  More on the job search in a later post. Today I want […]

New Horizons

Good day, everyone!  I hope you are all excellent.  Actually, I know you are excellent and I wish you a day of realizing your excellence. Just as I wrote that salutation to you, I paused for a moment wondering whether it is really necessary to greet someone reading a blog.  Most of you I think […]

Introspection and Retrospection

This is probably going to be my final official post about Ecuador.  I’ll begin with some lists that encapsulate my feelings and reflections about returning to the U.S. Things I’m happy to have again… microwave – nothing like being able to thaw butter at the touch of a button car Colorado/American landscapes cheese the possibility […]


For those of you who use facebook, I just published an album of photos from Ecuador.  Other facebook members can access it through this link.  The album is public, so even if you are not my friend, you can still see the photos.  And if you are a regular reader, but not my friend, we […]

Perspectives on Education

My year in Ecuador has come to a close, but deserves a few final observations.  As a teacher for a large public university, the education system was a frequent topic of discussion.  An early observation of mine was that there are a whole lot of engineers in Ecuador.  In one sense, this came as no […]

Ecuador Lovin’ — Part 2

Welcome back to Ecuador Lovin’, Part 2.  We left off last time with talk about pet names in the context of relationships. There is one important name that I forgot to mention, which is an especially versatile one – mijo(a) (remember that the Spanish ‘j’ is pronounced like the English ‘h’, and the Spanish ‘h’ […]

Ecuador Lovin’ — Part 1

So, here I finally present to you my long-promised blog on love and relationships in Ecuador.  My intention in this blog is not to tell you all about my own experience.  They are not so numerous, nor am I public enough a person to publish them on the internet.  However, my experiences combined with those […]

Peru Vacation — Part 2, Cusco

Well, after five days making friends in Lima, I set off by myself to Cusco.  To be honest, while I was in Lima making the plans for the rest of my trip I very nearly just decided to buy an earlier ticket home to Quito; not because I didn’t like Peru, but just because I […]