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Back pain disappears

About a year ago, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop catching up on correspondence after a trip. Out of the blue, the muscles in my lower back began to cramp, causing quite a lot of discomfort. In my efforts to find a comfortable position, I eventually ended up on my belly on […]

Love is local and global

Christian Science Sentinel, “Young Voices Blog.” April 24,2013 Every travel guide on the market includes two sections, regardless of the destination: guidelines about staying healthy, and about staying safe. The idea is that anywhere you go, you’re going to encounter threats to your health and safety, ranging from digestive problems and petty theft to malaria […]

The Fundamentals of Morality

Principia Pilot, April 16, 2010 I want to share some perspective I’ve gained on the purpose of this institution since leaving Principia, perspective on the cause it serves and what my experience has meant to me. I graduated from Principia College in June 2009.  I think my friends and mentors there would support me in […]