Watching for Wisdom

flowerWatching for Wisdom is a place to explore the world from a spiritual perspective, to learn more about our relationship to our Father-Mother God, and to advance healing individually and globally. Here we challenge limited ways of thinking about health, religion and current events, and shine a spiritual light on them in order to uplift thought to the elevation where we work out lasting spiritual solutions.

Rachel Hanson, C.S.

Watching for Wisdom’s author is Rachel Hanson, a part-time practitioner of Christian Science, language enthusiast, sociologist, singer and interfaith advocate. She is animated by a deep love for God and desire to help guide others toward a more spiritual view of themselves that alleviates suffering and leads to abiding harmony.

Rachel has been a life-long student of this method of prayer-based healing (Christian Science) and has made it her first-resort for help during all kinds of challenges from relationships, to disease, to injury throughout her adult life. A few of Rachel’s articles and testimonies have been published, you can read them in the “Published Articles” category of the blog archive.

Rachel currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband.